Tortilla de Verde (2023)

Poster Design 

Colorful lil poster I designed as a visual companion to a recipe I submitted to the shifty gnome, my friend Emma Wiseman’s local, independent newspaper-style publication. Here’s the recipe:


  • green plantain, maybe 1 or 2 per person idk
  • a lot of cheese (ideally queso fresco on the creamier side as opposed to the crumbly kind, but mozzarella works too)
  • butter or some other fat to shallow fry
  • bacon or thicker cut pork belly (sub with tofu or maybe mushrooms or just leave out if vegetarian)
  • salt n pepa


1. Peel and slice your plantain into 1-2 inch chunks and throw them in a big enough pot full of water. Set it to boil for like at least 7-10 minutes probably but you’ll know they’re done when they can be easily poked through with a fork or knife.

2. While your plantains boil, cook your bacon (or tofu/mushrooms) until crispy.

3. Once the plantains are soft, bring them over to a bigass bowl and mash them until there’s the least amount of lumps possible. You can add a splash of water or some butter if your dough is looking too dry but don’t overdo it. You just don’t want it to be crumbly but definitely don’t want to make it too wet either.

4. With your dough ready, assemble your tortillas by grabbing some dough  with your hands and shaping it like a flat, round disk. Then, you put your fillings (cheese, pork, tofu, mushroom) in the middle and bringing the sides up to close it into a hockey-puck shape

5. Shallow fry your tortillas until golden on both sides. It’ll probably take around 4-5 minutes per side on medium high heat? but maybe more than that? Not sure but they do take a while so patience is key.

6. You can serve it on its own but it goes well with many things. In the photo I served it with a fried egg, some seasoned avocado, pickled onions, spicy salsa, and chopped peanuts (traditionally it would be sal prieta instead of chopped peanuts, but that's a recipe for another time).

7. Enjoy!

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